How to change the password

If you want to change your account password, access your profile by clicking on the PLAYER HUB button from the header of the website and from the Account details section, click on the CHANGE PASSWORD tab.

After inserting your current password, you can proceed with typing in your new password and repeating it, followed by clicking on the UPDATE PASSWORD button from the same tab.

What are premium games?

Our premium games take the regular games experience to the next level.

We offer our users the possibility of playing a regular game with contest features, displaying their name along with their Highest score and Last score, but without an end date, making the High score remain in our Leaderboards for an unlimited amount of time.

Another feature of the premium games is that the coins price of playing them is fairly lower than for contests.

How to delete an account

If you want to delete your account, access your profile by clicking on the PLAYER HUB button from the header of the website and from the Account details section, click on the DELETE ACCOUNT tab.

After inserting your password, you can proceed with clicking on the DELETE ACCOUNT button, permanently removing your information from our website.

What are ranks?

Ranks are accorded to your account based on a preset number of events or actions that you make. For example, your advancement through the ranking system will permit you to have access to our newest game before other regular accounts (so the more you play, the harder you play and the more highscores you have, the more chances you get to advance through the ranks and benefit from our special offers).

You can check your rank by going to your mini profile page, by clicking on your username (from the PLAYER HUB menu) and it will be visible in the first section of the page.

How to change the account currency

If you want to change your account currency, in order for you to purchase coins in your desired currency, access your profile by clicking on your username (in the PLAYER HUB button from the header of the website) and from the first top section of the account details, click on your desired currency. The change will take effect immediately, so you can proceed with the purchase without making any other modification.

What are contests?

The Contest system is a special type of service that we offer to our registered users. Every month we create a special event and invite our premium users to experience different contests, upon which their name will be put in our Hall of Fame.

The contests have an integrated secure leaderboard system, which allows our users to play the game over and over once the contest is accessed and try to beat their own score, along with other players’ scores.

How to purchase coins

We permit our registered users to play our games by consuming coins. This secure system that we offer allows our users to buy the actual coins by expending an amount in the Buy Coins section (from the page header, under the PLAYER HISTORY tab, by clicking on the BUY MORE button).

Once the user has either put in a customized number of coins that he wants to purchase or selects a predefined pack and inputs the customer information, the coins will be automatically added to his account, once the payment has been finalized.

How to play a game

In order for you to play a game on our website, you will need to have an active account. You can register for free for an account, upon which you will receive a standard number of coins. Each regular game, premium game and tournament costs a predefined number of coins to play, so be careful what you decide to play, because as you will access them you will be charged the number of coins that they cost.

Regular game > usually costs between 20-30 coins to play

Premium game > usually costs between 40-150 coins to play

Timed Tournament > usually costs more than 150 coins to play

We also offer a limited number of FREE GAMES, as a preview of the awesome games that we have for our registered users, so don’t forget to check them out too if you want to experience our gaming system before registering.

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